Stainless Steel Banding Tools


  • Robust tensioner (2400lbs force)
  • Inbuilt Cutter
  • Contains spindle bearring for simple application
  • Can be used to tension all common banding straps
  • SSBT01 will tension 9mm to 19mm banding
  • SSGBT02 will tension 19mm. 25mm & 32mm banding
  • Covered in blue epoxy powerder for corrosion resistance
  • Weighs 2kg


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Banding Tool That's Build to Last

Metal Strap® banding tensioner tool is a time tested product that has been used in the UK, Europe and Middle East for a number of years now.

It is a go-to banding tool for anyone who is continuously using SS banding straps of 6mm to 19mm widths.

There is a simple rule in any trade, that the result of banding application highly depends on tools used, that is why Metal Strap® is offering products that meet your expectations time and time again.

Robust Build Quality

The tensioner tool has a robust build and can tension up to 1100kg of force, which is an incredible figure considering the tool weighs at 2kg.

This well sized tool allows the users to easily transport it from site to site. The inbuilt cutter is one of the core features of this tools, as it eliminates the need to carry any type of cutter, saving you time and space.

The Metal Strap® Yank tensioner is based on a simple principle: once the banding strap is being tensioned, the tool rests on the buckle. That means that the stainless steel banding strap can be used for securing round or irregular sized objects alike.

One Tool for Numerous Applications

Our Metal Strap® Yank tensioner tool is often used for heavy duty applications within the following core industries:

  • Fencing
  • Roofing & Cladding
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Oil&Gas
  • Food and Alcohol

Benefits of the Banding Strap Tool

This all-in-one banding strap tensioning removes the need for having any other tools on the site, which is the reason why this tool is so popular on the market. This tool can tension from 3/16″ to 3/4″ (6mm to 19mm) widths of Stainless Steel strap.
Here are some of the benefits of the banding tensioner tool:

  • Spin-handle to tension the strap with no significant effort
  • Has an in-built spring-loaded gripping lever to hold the strap in place
  • Has an in-built cutter to cut the banding to the required size
  • Lightweight – approx.2kg
  • Coated surface protects the tool from corrosion and oxidation
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Painted finish to prevent the tool from deteriorating on building sites
  • Can tension up to 2400lbs of force
  • Comes pre-greased

Banding Tool Instructions

Soon we will have a full instructional video explaining how to use banding tool. But just in case you require printed instructions, you can use these:

  • Cut the strap to the required length• Insert on end of the banding strap through the buckle and bend it under the buckle
  • Wrap the other end of the banding strap around the application and then slot it through the buckle
  • Take the tool and ensure that the spinning handle is screwed into right into the tool
  • Slot the loose end of the banding strap into the banding tool so that it feeds through the nose of the tool and the gripper.
  • Twist the handle so the banding strap to achieve required tension
  • The tool will be required to be bent towards the buckle so the applied force is secured. But while the tool is being bent towards the buckle, the handle should be turned anti clock wise which will slightly loosen the strap and preventing it from over tightening. Only around ½ of a turn or a full turn should be performed. Every banding situation is different, therefore attention should be paid not to over tension the banding, and not to leave it too loose
  • After the tool is bent towards the buckle, cut the banding strap with the in-built tensioner
  • Hammer down the lugs of the buckle or the clip

Banding Tool You Can Trust

We offer Stainless Steel Banding Tools that are known for durability, strength as well and cost efficiency. All tools are manufactured to meet the highest cross industry criteria to satisfy workers across a range of industries. If you have any further questions relating our stainless steel banding tensioners, of if you are looking for a quote, then do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.

Banding Tools Available For:

Metal Strap® offers 5 most commonly used sizes of banding strap:


  • 9mm
  • 13mm
  • 16mm
  • 19mm


  • 25mm
  • 32mm

Note that all sizes that range from 9mm to 19mm are considered as ‘Standard’, and a standard banding strap tool should be used. Where 25mm and 32mm sizes are considered as ‘Giant’, and the ‘Giant’ tool should be used to secure these sizes of banding.

Additional information

Weight2 kg
Dimensions200 × 200 × 200 cm
Banding Tools