Stainless Steel Banding Strap


  • 201, 304, and 316 Grades
  • 100 ft / 30 m. long
  • Made in the UK
  • Edge dressed for safe handling
  • Comes in a recyclable cardboard box
  • Applied using banding tensioner tools
  • Holds a certificate of conformity
  • Contact us for 10+ rolls for custom pricing

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About Stainless Steel Banding Straps

Metal Strap® banding straps hold Type Approval (or known as Certificate of Conformity) which states that the product meets the required conditions set out by the UK regulatory bodies. This means that our provided banding products meet all of the necessary technical and safety requirements that are needed in order for our products to be used in the UK and overseas.

Metal Strap® offers a selection of stainless steel banding supplies that come in a range of grades and sizes. Our banding products comply with all the core industry requirements and are being used across a number of industries including, but not limited to:

  • Oil&Gas
  • Road & Motorway Development
  • Construction
  • Electrical
  • Food and Alcohol

Proven Reliability

Once the banding strap is secured over the items, the application is expected to last for a number of years due to the natural properties of stainless steel that are resistant to a wide range of environmental factors.

Benefits of using Stainless Steel Banding:

  • Extremely high breaking point
  • More durable than standard steel or plastic strapping
  • Resistance to corrosion, heat and snapping
  • Fire resistant – ideal for high temperature environments
  • Easily portable (compared to alloy steel strapping)
  • Simple fastening solution

Strength of Any Application

It is essential to find the right product for your requirements. The sealing process is crucial to achieve the strength required and each step should be taken with care.

The strength of any application will depend on the following factors:

  • Grade of stainless steel material
  • Width of the banding strap
  • Thickness of the banding strap
  • if clips or buckles are being used (buckles being stronger)
  • Application technique
  • Tool used (single hand or double hand tool)

Popular Banding Strap Applications

Metal banding strap is a fantastic product to be used for array of applications, that are only limited by imagination.

Popular metal banding strap applications:

  • Fastening signs & street lights
  • Securing large industrial hoses
  • Fastening fences
  • Securing extremely heavy items
  • Shipping construction or Oil&Gas machinery
  • Subsea
  • Bundling items such as poles or pipes
  • Popular in packaging items on pallets or crates
  • Fastening items in roofing and cladding industry
  • Securing bins to posts (used by councils)

What Grades of Banding Strap are Available?

We provide 3 types of stainless steel banding straps, which are 201, 304 and 316 grades.

Grade 201 is the most cost efficient option, and by far the most popular compared to rest the of stainless grades. Grades 304 and 316 are less popular across the UK, but still commonly used due to the long lasting properties that these grades provide.

Find more details on each grade and their benefits below.

201 Stainless Steel 'Standard' Size

As mentioned above, 201 Stainless Steel Banding Strap is a go-to option for most buyers as 201 is extremely reliable and is fully weather resistant, not mentioning the cost savings when compared against 304 or 316. Note, that the standard sizes are considered to be anything up to 19mm of width.

Grade 201 stainless steel strap offers the following benefits:

  • Cost efficient, and extremely reliable
  • Corrosion and weather resistant
  • Ideal for road/motorway sign fitting
  • 25mm and 32mm width options available
  • The grade conforms with a number of construction and building requirements
  • Still suitable for long haul shipping

201 Stainless Steel 'Giant' Size

201 Giant Stainless Steel Banding is the larger version of the standard 201 banding strap and comes in 1” (25mm) and 1 ¼” (32mm) widths. The Giant banding is much thicker and requires a larger tool to apply it.

This larger version offers that extra robustness that is often utilised by the construction or the engineering firms. Companies within the Oil&Gas industry often use this Giant strap to secure high value drilling machinery parts for transportation to oil rigs, Middle East or rest of the world.

Please note: 201 Giant Stainless Steel Band requires 201 Giant Stainless Steel Buckles which are available at Metal Strap® to ensure the strength and outcome of your particular application. Clips are not available for the 25mm and 32mm of banding.

304 Stainless Steel

Grade 304 Banding Strap is easy to use and is a popular option as it is legally approved to be used in food and chemical industries which are considered to be higher corrosive environments.

Surfaces that are made out of the 304 grade are easy to sterilise and works well in environments with both organic and inorganic chemicals. Grade 304 Stainless Steel is known to more resilient, with better fatigue resistance when compared to 201 grade. This is mainly due to fact that 304 grade contains more chromium than 201.

Please note: 304 Stainless Steel Banding strap requires the same size and grade of buckles to ensure the maximum strength and longevity of your application.

316 Stainless Steel

Grade 316 Stainless Steel Band is also known as Marine Grade Steel Strapping and is an ideal product to be used in demanding environments where corrosion resistance and hygiene is a top priority.

Alternatively, it is a number 1 choice within the hard to reach areas where the strapping cannot be re-applied so easily, for example when securing cables in tall heights or under sea, Oil&Gas, food processing, manufacturing plants, marine and chemical industries mainly operate using grade 316 Stainless Steel strap due to the grade’s unique metal compound that’s is able to resist corrosion to chlorides.

Grade 316 Stainless Steel Band can last much longer periods of time in subsea conditions compared to other cost efficient options.

Please note: 316 Stainless Steel Buckles and Banding must be used with 316 Stainless Steel Band and are available at Metal Strap® to ensure the strength and outcome of your particular application.

What Sizes of the Banding Strap are Available?

Metal Strap® offers 5 most commonly used sizes of banding strap:

  • 9mm
  • 13mm
  • 16mm
  • 19mm
  • 25mm
  • 32mm

Note that all sizes that range from 9mm to 19mm are considered as ‘Standard’, and a standard banding strap tool should be used. Where 25mm and 32mm sizes are considered as ‘Giant’, and the ‘Giant’ tool should be used to secure these sizes of banding.

Additional information

Weight1.5 kg
Stainless Grade

201, 304, 316

Banding Size

10mm, 13mm, 16mm, 19mm