Banding Products

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  • Used for palets, fences, posts, mounting street or motorway signs
  • Great for the majority construction projects
  • Corrosion and weather resistant
  • Edge dressed (safe to handle without special gloves)
  • Available in 25mm and 32mm widths
  • Fast Shipping in the UK
  • Prices include VAT
  • Often used within the food industry – in food processing equipment, kitchen equipment and appliances
  • Used to secure items within chemical containers
  • Ideal for higher corrosive environments (i.e. Close to sea shores where the content of salt in the air is higher than normal)
  • Edge dressed (safe to handle without special gloves)
  • Ideal for water treatment plants
  • Also called Marine grade stainless steel strapping
  • Perfect for highly corrosive environments such as subsea, food plants/factories,
  • Used for under sea cable laying
  • Often used for chemical plants
  • Perfect for acidic, chemical, or salty environments
  • Often used in textile, pharmaceutical, chemical industries as well as nuclear, aerospace and aviation industries

Metal strapping is a fantastic product that has been utilised around the world for a number of decades now, and the use of it doesn’t seem to slow down. The main reasons for the metal banding popularity is hidden within the natural properties of SS metal, which is robustness and reliability against the environmental factors.

Depending on the grade that you choose for your project, you will be able to secure your items temporarily or for long haul shipping giving you a piece of mind that your parcel will reach the destination just the way you sent it out. Alternatively, different grades of metal banding can be used to secure items permanently such as road signs or undersea cables. Metal banding is a go-to product anytime your application requires strength and durability, alongside with an added corrosion protection.