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Steel Banding

Standard grade steel banding strap is as popular option as the stainless steel stap, and both are often used for bundling and reinforcing heavy loads on pallets. Alloy steel banding strap is often a go-to option in timber transportation & construction industries, for example to secure bricks or concrete blocks. That is where the steel gains its its advantage as other types of strapping (such as plastic strapping) would be compromised by the sharp edges of heavier loads. Here are more reasons why stainless steel banding is so popular:

  • It is ideal for strapping large sized loads on pallets
  • Reduced cost per meter
  • Coils comes in longer lengths
  • Can be used with battery operated tools to save time
  • Comes in waxed black finish
  • Ideal for pallets that are frequently relocated

You can rest assured knowing that our steel banding meets all of the UK required shipment specifications and are made in the United Kingdom.

Banding Tools for Easy Application

Metal Strap ® offers a range of tools for stress-free application. Note that steel and stainless steel banding tools differ, so customers should not intermix them up. For safety reasons, only special cutters should be used to cut steel banding, as non-specialised cutters increase the risk of the metal strap springing back and injuring the user right after cutting it. Special cutters for metal banding should be used that contain rubber pads which temporarily hold both ends of the strap right after it is being cut. Once you have identified what type of metal banding you are using (steel or stainless steel), then select the required application tools.

One of the core differences between steel banding and stainless steel banding is that the stainless steel products only have hand operated tools, where steel banding applications can be complete by using battery operated tools which provide you with different tension settings.

Clips and Buckles for Metal Strapping

As you might be already aware, to successfully secure any type of metal strapping it is required to have clips or buckles. Buckles are the most popular option of stainless steel banding strap, where clips are for steel banding strap. A hammer is required to secure a buckle or a clip for stainless steel banding, where a crimper tool is required to seal a clip on a steel banding. And most importantly, clips for steel banding strap cannot be used for stainless steel strapping, and vice versa. To view our products, please click on one of the links below:


We offer a large selection of stainless steel banding straps that come in all grades and sizes. All Metal Strap ® banding products come with certification to ensure that the banding clips and buckles conform to your project specifications. And if you are looking for all-in-one solution, then check out our stainless steel banding kits.

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